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Next Shabbaton: Rabbi Ariel Goldberg - How do I grow toward being my best self? - April 8, 2017

Mussar, the Jewish approach to character-growth is a valuable tool for meeting this challenge. Participants will explore mussar through their minds, hearts and actions. We will explore the middot (character traits) of hesed and gevurah (loving kindness and restraint). A problem that will be key to our conversation is how do I balance doing kindness for others with maintaining healthy boundaries for myself?

The seminar will begin in the mind with the study of Jewish texts. We next explore our emotions by forming spiritual hevrutas (study pairs) and discussing, how we relate to the texts as individuals. In the third stage, the group re-forms and participants have a facilitated discussion about how they can apply their insights into living their everyday lives. Finally, there is an optional brief meditation session to integrate the learning experience.

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Past Shabbatons

(Link to Shawna Dolansky's online handouts and reading suggestions)

Feb 4, 2017: Study Session: Monotheism in the Tanakh

Oct 29, 2016: D'var Torah on Bereshit Lecture on "The Fall of Eve"

D'var Torah on Bereishit, followed by Lecture on "The Fall of Eve".

August 6, 2016 Shabbaton

During services Shawna will give a dvar on the parasha of the week. After kiddush Shawna will introduce us to a close look at the book of Ruth as we explore what "dating Ruth" meant for Boaz; the what, why, and how of their rather unusual courtship and marriage.

- Adult Education Committee