Adath Shalom Ottawa Donations and Dues Renewals

This form is used to pay renewal dues and/or to make donations online. Payment can be made without fees using Interac, available with your online banking, or PayPal using either your PayPal account or your credit card if you don't have a PP account. If paying with Paypal, please note that we ask you to cover the Paypal fee, shown prior to payment.

If you would like to join Adath Shalom, please first contact our membership coordinator from the contact page.

If you are changing membership type, or need to inform us of changes, such as mailing address, please email the financial secretary.

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Membership Dues

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Torah repairs *In honour of Ben Brodo
Support for youth trips or conferences, childcare *In honour of Helen Vail
Shabbaton support *Leah Schnitzer Shabbaton Fund
Adult and Youth education *Rabbi and Rose Adler Adult Education Fund
 *You may use the General Donations description box below to dedicate any donations above.
General donations*
In memory of, or for a particular cause

Total general:
Social Action charity
as per AGM

Total Social Action:
Book Dedication
Dedicate a prayer book or Chumash for $36 each.

Total books:
Sponsor Kiddushim
In memory of or to mark an event

Total kiddush:

Adath Shalom encourages our members to contribute to two important efforts linked to the movement for Conservative Judaism in Israel:

Support Conservative Judaism in Israel.
Masorti web

($25 suggested donation)
Membership in the Conservative movement's Zionist organization
Mercaz web site:

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Privacy Policy

​If you give to Masorti and/or Mercaz, we will send your information to those organizations. Other than that, the information collected on this page is recorded by our financial secretary, is used for internal purposes only, and is not shared outside Adath Shalom.