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1. Ottawa and Canadian Links

2.Conservative Judaism

3. Other Jewish Movements

4. Jewish Site Directories

5a. Jewish Studies

5b. Jewish Studies-Related Resources Prepared by Adath Shalom Members

6. Holocaust and Anti-Semitism

7. Jewish Spirituality and Environment

8. Judaism and Social Issues

9. Jewish Genealogy

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1. Ottawa and Canadian Links

Ottawa Jewish Community Site

Ottawa Jewish Library 

Soloway Jewish Community Centre (SJCC)

Canadian Jewish Congress - Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs

Bnai Brith Canada

Bnai Brith Canada - Links

Canadian Jewish News

2. Conservative Judaism

a. Organization and General

Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs

MERCAZ-CANADA is the Zionist Organization of the Conservative Movement and is the voice of Conservative Jewry within the Canadian Zionist Federation

Masorti World

Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies

Fuchsberg Center in Jerusalem

United Synagogue Yeshiva website

Introduction to Conservative Judaism

Conservative Teshuvot (Responsa)


Conservative Judaism Journal

Soc.Culture.Jewish Newsgroups Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

b. History and Ideology

Conservative Judaism: Our Ancestors to Our Descendants By Elliott N Dorff

What Conservative Jews Believe

"Conservative Judaism: Covenant and Commitment"

The Masorti Vision

The Sacred Cluster: The Core Values of Conservative Judaism by Ismar Schorsch , Former Chancellor JTS


c. Halakha (Norms and Law)

Conservative Judaism and Halakhah (Jewish Law) - a note By David Steinberg

Guide to Practical Halacha and Home Ritual For Conservative Jews By Yehuda Wiesen

Conservative responsa From Wikipedia - This entry deals with the responsa literature of Conservative Judaism, also known as Masorti Judaism.

The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards (CJLS) the Source of Norms for the Movement

English Summaries of the Responsa of the Va'ad Halakhah of The Rabbinical Assembly of Israel

3. Other Jewish Movements

Branches of Judaism

The Union for Traditional Judaism


Jewish Reconstructionist Federation  and article Reconstructionist Judaism


National Council of Young Israel (NCYI)


Orthodox Union


Union for Reform Judaism

ClickonJudaism is a project of the Reform Movement's
Commission on Outreach and Synagogue Community. The purpose of clickonJudaism is to provide doorways into Judaism for Jews in their 20's and 30's, as well as those considering Judaism. Our hope is to enable young Jews to explore the possibilities offered by liberal Judaism through points of interest and concern to them.

Karaite Korner


4. Jewish Site Directories

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs the "Our Bookmarks" section is a truly remarkable collection (English) -

Maven Search Synagogues - A comprehensive list of Synagogues, Temples and Jewish Communities Worldwide -

Jewish Virtual Library

www.Jewish.Com Jewish Space in Cyberspace -

MavenSearch a leading directory and search engine for Jewish content related websites.

Judaica Collection (of links on Judaism, Israel etc.)

Judaism 101 - An encyclopaedia of information about Judaism

Judaism and Jewish Resources - Andrew Tannenbaum

Over Three Hundred Jewish Links

Shamash: Judaica Directory

Yahoo! Judaism

JTA - Jewish news


5a. Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies � Rutgers University Virtual Religion Index

On-Line Bible concordance for many English versions

On-Line Bible concordance for Hebrew Tanakh


Seforim Online

Jewish national and University Library

JTS Library

Weekly Parashah and Aliyot

Open Source Haggadah

Hebrew Keyboard Tutor

Jewish Calendar Tools

Navigating the Bible - Study the portions. Hear the melodies

*Each of the verses of the Hebrew with notes and vowels are numbered. Next to each verse is a speaker icon. If you click this the sound will play. You will need to have RealPlayer installed. A free player is available from . Look for RealPlayer BasicFor further information see the FAQ

Jewish Learning -


Ancient Jewish History

Mechon Mamre - This site currently provides you with five main online resources for learning Torah :


Jewish Virtual Library

On-Lined Critical Pseudepigrapha

Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive at the Hebrew University. This  Archive "holds over 3,000 titles on film and video, constituting the largest collection of Jewish documentary film footage in the world.

Biblical Archaeology Society

Jacob M. Lowy Collection - National Library of Canada

Unbound Bible is a collection of searchable Bibles consisting of:
- 10 English versions including the NASB
- Greek and Hebrew Versions (the original Bible languages)
- 4 ancient versions
- 42 versions in other languages

Torah in the Original Mesha Script


5b. Jewish Studies-Related Resources Prepared by Adath Shalom Members

- From the Early Bronze Age to the End of Byzantine Rule (3150 BCE-639 CE) - Time/Events Chart

- History of the Hebrew Language By David Steinberg

- Ugaritic Literature as an Aid to Understanding the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)

- Israelite Religion to Judaism: the Evolution of the Religion of Israel

- Body Part Metaphors in Biblical Hebrew

- Flavius Josephus - His Importance as a Historian, Jew, Imperial Roman Client 

- Temple Tablet Transcription and Translation By David Steinberg

- The Greek Influence on Judaism from the Hellenistic Period Through the Middle Ages c. 300 BCE- 1200 CE

- Arabs, Edomites and Jews - Getting on With Your Relatives

- The Origin and Nature of the Samaritans and their Relationship to Second Temple Jewish Sects

- Jewish Sects of the Second Temple Period

- Michael Davidson Early Hebrew Printing Homepage- A Virtual Guide to the Great Jewish Libraries and Rare Book Collections, Hebrew Manuscripts, Incunabula, and Written Antiquities

- Some Ecumenical Thoughts on Sin

- Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaisms - Contrasting Positions on Key Issues

- A Comparison of the New Conservative Humash, Etz Hayim, with those of Plaut and Hertz

- Kaufmann Kohler and the Rise of Reform Judaism in America

6. Holocaust and Anti-Semitism

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum - Archives' online catalog provides a means for searching and retrieving information for collections in its current holdings. The system allows the user to search the catalog by keyword, personal name, Library of Congress Subject Heading, and geographic place name. Help information is provided for search strategies and printing of catalog information.

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Holocaust - Yahoo!, which is devoted to fostering mutual respect and understanding between Christians and Jews around the world. Here you will find articles, reviews, reports, official statements, and study resources on Jewish-Christian relations, as well as links to many related organizations.

Jewish Video.Com

7. Jewish Spirituality and Environment

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal (includes links page)

COEJL (Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life) founded in 1993 to promote environmental education, scholarship, advocacy, and action in the American Jewish community. COEJL is sponsored by a broad coalition of national Jewish organizations and has organized regional affiliates in communities across North America. COEJL is the Jewish member of the National Religious Partnership for the Environment.

JGEN (Jewish Global Environment Network)

The Green Zionist Alliance

Canfei Nesharim is part of a broad movement to educate Orthodox Jews about the blessings of the natural world, and our obligations to protect it.  It develops educational materials and publications about Jewish perspectives on the environment and how to protect it. 


8. Judaism and Social Issues

B'nai B'rith

JACS (Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons and Significant Others) An On-line Jewish Magazine Dedicated to Pursuing Justice, Building community and Repairing the World (links to sites dealing with many issues)

National Jewish Coalition for Literacy

New Israel Fund


Jewish Feminist Resources

The Jewish Women's Archive  community is for scholars. For activists. For mothers and daughters. For fathers and sons. For researchers, historians, and for all who believe that everyone with a stake in history is a keeper of it and a partner in its transmission.

Women in Judaism

MaTaN was created with the vision of providing all women with the opportunity to study the Jewish sources on the highest level.

Ritualwell aims to:

  • provide you with quality resources for contemporary Jewish liturgy and ritual.
  • give you access to creative innovation in Judaism.
  • empower you to use Jewish ritual and liturgy to meet your needs.
  • use the Web to connect Jews to a living Judaism.

Jewish views of homosexuality From Wikipedia


9. Jewish Genealogy

JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy


10. Jewish Films


Jewish Heritage Video Collection - The JHVC was created to explore Jewish heritage through the unique resources of film and television. The Collection, available at more than 150 sites nationwide, provides courses and a video library that address vital issues of Jewish history, identity, and culture



Ruth Disking Films




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