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For the Megilat Esther, please visit tikkun-esther.htm.

To help our congregants learn to read Torah, we are providing a replica of the new torah online and hard copy available for borrowing. We have produced 2 copies, and they can be found in the book case at the back of the chapel. Look for the white, spiral bound, legal length booklet.

The learning aid includes a picture of each column of the Torah, and beside it the matching text including vowels and tropes. The matching text has been formatted to match the layout of the new Torah.

This tool will be useful for Torah readers who, during their preparation, wish to work with the exact layout they will be seeing when they are reading from the new Torah. It can also be useful for gabbais who may wish to prepare for the day using this aid. In this way, they will have beside them an exact layout of the torah with the locations of the aliyot, thereby allowing them to quickly find where each aliyah the torah.

Please feel free to borrow (and return!) these booklets as you need them. If you wish to borrow one and there are none available, please let us know. If the need is there we can print more copies.

Tikkun Torah

(Torah replica accompanied by equivalent hebrew with vowels)

Thanks to those who created this tikkun specially for our new Torah!

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